A Message To Our Professional Drivers From Our President

Good day,

My name is Shane Sinnemon with Spice Logistics.  Spice Logistics is based 45 minutes south of Atlanta off of the “Truckstop exit on I-75 South”.

We are always looking for more dedicated carriers in our network as we move tens of thousands of open deck loads throughout the country. Does not matter where, but 9 times out of 10 have freight in most regions within reasonable deadhead.  

Spice Logistics is growing dry van work throughout the Midwest to the SE and NE with most drop and drop opportunities of dedicated lanes. These can spin with showing good faith into using our assets trailers as well.  

Reefer has implanted itself as one of the most up-and-coming companies to handle reefer goods. From vented freight to frozen items. Hotspots are CA, AZ, TX, FL, ID going across the US.

At Spice Logistics our team has an operations background. We have come through the ranks of loading trailers, running million-plus square foot warehouses, dispatching for 1000 plus drivers with our past experiences. We understand the dynamics haulers have to deal with and take pride in trying to keep trucking companies in the green. We want everyone to have success. We want to watch our partner carriers grow; either to buy new equipment, gain more lanes, or hire new drivers. We love to see everyone succeed.

Spice Logistics works with honor and integrity; if we fail we will take it on the chin for the hauler and our partners.  At Spice Logistics we do things differently. You will come to know our team on a name-by-name basis and will become a part of our family. Spice makes about 3% less than the industry average. We do this for a couple of reasons. One we want perfect service and you have to pay for good service. We also compensate detention and TONU even if we are not compensated. LOOK, we know that the driver moves America. It’s time everyone understands the importance of the driver’s job.  I tell everyone to close their eyes, NOW OPEN THEM, everything you see you need to thank a trucker for.  Our nation honestly wouldn’t survive without the hard work and dedication of the professional drivers.  You make a difference in the world every day.  We understand that truck drivers don’t get to be at home as often everyone else.  We know that you leave early in the morning and often get home late, or stay on the road for a week or more at a time, it’s definitely not a 9-5 job.   We understand that kind of schedule comes with some major sacrifices, so thank you for the sacrifices you make to keep this country moving forward.

If you think we may be a good fit for who you are trying to work with, we would love to talk and set you up as a preferred carrier in our network. If there are problems I am available to talk. The day we get to big for me to be able to chat with our valued partner drivers is the day we stop growing. I will not dilute our brand or service to our partner customer or our partner driver.  It is important to me that you know myself and our team are available should you need any assistance or have any suggestions on how to improve our operation.  We would enjoy hearing from you.


Shane Sinnemon

President, Spice Logistics LLC.

It takes me back. When I see these things. I know the charts are fancy and the words of finance most do not understand. 
When I read this It makes me mad and sad.
 I read
Look at all the money we are making. We did this through a very simple practice. 
We overcharged the American consumer. We took that money and then we paid the hard-working drivers less money to do the job they do to move to America. We took advantage of the price of fuel is high and only passed some of the money to the drivers. Why should they get all the Fuel charges its not like they are having to pay for all the fuel…..
We are awesome, we really stuck it to each other and we are so proud of it..
At Spice, we think this is wrong. Our revenue is up Year to date 87%  Our profit is up .02% 
Why? We make a modest profit and pass the industry spike directly to the driver. The one person in this that does the heavy lifting..   We love our drivers.. 
I am very sorry that the industry workers that would shut our country down the day they stopped their trucks are treated so poorly.  Well, you always have a friend at Spice. Call me, Shane Sinnemon, if you ever want to talk about how unethical this is. Or if just need to vent I am available. 678-882-0805
Sorry some companies are proud of doing things like this!!